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Contact us Customer Service Team at or call us on 1300 49 30 50 between 9.00 and 18.00 AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Travelwards is an online hotel booking platform especially designed for travel agents which offers an average of 29% commission. Our platform allows you to easily find the best wholesale rates from over 550,000+ hotels and 60+ suppliers worldwide. You can easily add your margin to manage your commission as well. Commissions are released the following month after your client's hotel stay.

• Powerful search: We are always adding hotel wholesalers, so you continuously get more hotels, more rooms and better prices.  We already have 550,000+ hotels and 60+ suppliers.
• Increased Commission: We search more wholesalers to get you the best prices, and Travelwards then allows you to change margins to suit you and your clients. 
• Customized vouchers: You can easily upload your own logo to hotel vouchers through the website so your brand is the only one your client sees.
•Free Membership: Travelwards is always free. With multiple accounts and 2 user types, Travelwards is available for every member of your team.
• 24/7 customer support team: You can reach our customer service agents over phone, email, or chat any day at any hour.  We also have a dedicated US toll-free number for hotels to call 24/7.
• Ease of Use: We offer ratings and reviews, hotel photos, facility details and filters, making it so easy to compare hotels and pick the best one for your client.

Our prices are averaged across several platforms' retail prices to try and get the most competitive prices in the market, but because we rely on data coming from other sites, if there is a drastic change in price it will take time for our website to update accordingly.

Note: As an aggregator we rely on multiple third party sites which may cause price variants during the booking process. Margins may also be effected depending on the room type and availability

Travelwards uses TrustYou hotel reviews, ratings and images to give you and your client the full picture each time. For more details you can click here:

There are 2 roles in each Agency: Manager and Agent

Managers have all the access an Agent has plus they are allowed to view commissions of all users in their agency: individually or as a total. Managers can also edit their Agency Profile, logo, and add new users.

Agents can make bookings and cancel bookings. They can also view their colleagues bookings/reservations, which would give them access to send vouchers or cancel bookings on behalf of their colleague. Agents can also view their commission information and well as view shop details.

Note: You are not able to demote a user role from manager to agent. However, it is possible to promote a user from agent to manager. To do this, a manager from your agency must call TW Support team and put in a request.

Yes, you can access live chat through the support icon on the lower left corner on the Travelwards website.

First, you will have to type in your question, which will trigger possible answers. If these answers do not answer your question then click on the 'Live Chat' button, and an agent will be able to assist you.

If there is no agent available at this time, the live chat button will be replaced with a 'Contact Us' button. Please leave a message and we will be able to contact you via email, but if you prefer live chat then try again later.

If the guest is at the hotel, please have the hotel front desk contact us at +1 (212) 634-9649 (International) or +1 (888) 982-4526 (USA toll free).

Yes, our Australian toll-free number is 1300 49 30 50, and we will have staff available to take your call between 9.00 and 18.00 AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Our USA phone number is +1 (201) 365 9900. We are available between 9.00 and 18.00 AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Please contact us through our help desk page: or call +61 3 8899 7599 or 1300 49 30 50 (Australian toll-free number).

There are no sign up fees - working with Travelwards is absolutely free. You just have to be a travel agent and register with our platform.

By simply registering and filling out the Agency Registration form through this link: After registration, we will send you your account information.

Anyone with a Manager user role in your agency can add more users. They just need to go to Account => Account => List of Users => Add New User => Then fill in user's details. If you do not have a manager assigned to your agency please contact Travelwards and we will add them for you.

Under “Account settings” click on the “Agency settings” to view agency details. Click on “Edit” to make changes. Don't forget to save. 

You can also click on "Profile Settings" to view and edit your user details.

Note: You cannot change details for other users.

Once your account has been set up you can easily upload your logo through the website.  
Under “Account settings” click on the “Agency settings” and from there you will see your agency information. 
Click on the “Edit” button and you will be able to add or edit your logo.
After adding or editing your logo, just click the SAVE button and you're all set.
NOTE: We recommend using a horizontal logo if possible as it looks best on vouchers. 

The booking process is:

1) Comprehensive Search – with one click, you can search over 60 wholesalers to find the best hotel rates
2) Book Hotel – once you book the right hotel and room type, choose your preferred margin and book
3) Secure Payment – your client's booking is confirmed by a code after payment in full
4) Receive Commission – the commission for your booking is held in your account

Our system allows an agent to book up to a maximum of 3 rooms at a time to get the best available rate. 
If booking more rooms we recommend booking them 3 at a time, but we are a dynamic search so prices may vary as the contracts are fulfilled.


Travelwards is a prepaid online booking platform, so it is not possible to hold a room without charging a credit card. However, we can suggest that you charge the booking to your shop card in the meantime. When your client confirms their booking, they can pay you through your agency.
NOTE: Be sure to cancel all bookings that are not required before the cancellation deadline.

To receive commission you must update and complete your Agency Settings, including your agency's bank details.

Commissions are paid after clients have completed their stay. Commissions are calculated at the end of the month and paid on the 15 of the following month. The minimum threshold is $200 per agency.